Ashta avataram – The multi tasking dancer

The objectives and aims should  always be fixed high,Even if not achieved, those  thoughts should not be changed. (Thirukurral 596)

உள்ளுவது எல்லாம் உயர்யு உள்ளல் மற்றது
தள்ளினும் தள்ளாமை நீர்த்து.

Given that I have varied interests, allocating time for them is often an interesting if not quite daunting task. Yes I love being busy and if nothing else I watch other performances by other dancers. Of course I am committed to these interests and make sure I do justice to them. And its tough!

The situation is no different for the young students who are constantly balancing academics and the arts. While having an eye on their test schedules, these young minds have to also focus their concentration on their practice schedules! For some it is fulfilling a parent’s desire/ request. For others it is something they actually develop an interest in early on and it is a voluntary effort. For the first group….hang in there! It only gets better with time. Your mind and your body tunes into the positive effects of learning the arts and who knows you might find your calling in any of the related arts.

An often fatalistic view that I have heard is that, since dance in particular bharatanatyam, might not be pursued at a later stage, why spend so much effort and time on it now? To them I only say that art has a meaning and a purpose and it communicates something from the artist. Let’s pay heed and enjoy what wonders it brings forth!


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