जीर्यत्- aging and dancing

“The soul never ages. My soul dances without my feet. I am the music” Alav Oguz

As I head towards teaching my adult class, I’m reminded of the number of times I had to leave my worries and responsibilities at the door of my dance class and stepping into a world of swirls, jumps, stamps and imagination!

While we lose ourselves in daily chores, kids and work its important to make some time for things that we are interested in but either couldn’t learn or couldn’t pursue. Perhaps it was unenthusiastic parents, economic constraints, constant relocation or just the lack of a teacher in the vicinity. While the causation might be diverse the outcome remains one- a lost opportunity to learn the arts.

But not all is lost! Yes the constraints get a lot tougher, with children pursuing their
own interests and perhaps older family members requiring more personal time. What is however heartening is that I see more women take up interests and passions once their kids become more independent. Naturally this is facilitated by the hectic academic and social life of their children leaving little time for collective activities and a shift in interests and priorities of various family members. What was heartening when I walked into my adult bharatanatyam class was the presence of so many women who had no previous knowledge of classical dances but sheer enthusiasm and interest had brought them to my class. No pretensions, no expectations just a motivation to achieve something they couldn’t do yesterday.

Yes you can if you can work around those crazy schedules.

Yes you can if you decide to dedicate that hour to your passions.

Yes you can if you take care of your fitness wedged in between meals and chores.

Yes you can…runs through my mind as we drape our dance saris and wear a big smile.The class has begun!


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