सहकारिता: Artistic collaborations and partnerships

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”  Helen Keller

How true! As artists we often don’t realize the power of collaborations. Intrinsically we are social animals and hence the biggest commendation an artist,actually anyone, can receive is appreciation from the audience/peers/critics/seniors. While working with another artist a meeting of minds is essential. Firstly one needs to come up with a concept that works for both artists. If they are dancers, then dance styles need to be accommodated within the framework of ideas. With musicians the canvas is larger. The next step is the all important music for the collaboration. It has to fit the structure of the dance and is more challenging if recorded music is to be used.

And next comes the rehearsals, planning, costumes designing and venue. Individual commitments, lifestyles and pressures often pose challenges to coordinate practice and brainstorming sessions. I have often noticed how a few dancers get together, hurriedly choreograph for a popular song and with scant practice put it up on stage. The results speak for themselves….

Is just individually dancing two different styles bring forth a ‘fusion’? One would think that bringing different styles together would be a challenge given that the individual features and beauty of each form has to be preserved thus giving a distinct flavor in a potpourri!

So here’s to more interaction, laughter, knowledge sharing and lifetime experiences!


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